Microwave (လျှပ်စစ်သံလိုက်လှိုင်းမီးဖို)

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Midea MMO-20XM1 20L, 700W Microwave
Midea MMO-23AGS3 Microwave
Electrolux EOT30MXC 30L, 1800W Oven
Kangaroo KG196 12L, Electric Oven
Electrolux EOT38MXC 38L, 2100W Oven
Panasonic NN-ST34HM 25L, 800W Microwave
SHARP R-639ES 23L, 1400W Microwave With Grill Manual
SAMSUNG MS30T5018AP 30L, 1000W Microwave
Electrolux EMM2331MK 23L,800W Microwave
Mi CR-WB019 Microwave Oven
Hisense H25MOWS7H 25L, 900W Microwave Oven
SHARP R-239EK 24L,900W Microwave
SMARTHOME SM-OV1400 21L,1400W Electric Oven
FARFALLA FMW-239Q5BS 23L, 900W Grill Microwave
Panasonic NN-GT35H 23L, 800W, Grill Microwave
FARFALLA FMW-E8020AP 20L, 80W Microwave
Kangaroo KG291 15L, Electric Oven
Kangaroo KG291 15L, Electric Oven
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Kangaroo KG197N 12L, Electric Oven
Electrolux EMM20K18GW 20L, 1280W Microwave
Panasonic NN-SM332M/33H 25L, 800W Microwave

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